Turbosound iP2000 – Big Sound from Small Speakers

Big Sound from Small Speakers

Column Speakers. Now that’s a term we are all so familiar with. Column speakers have existed for a long, long time in Extra Low Voltage Public Address Systems, in the form of Low Impedance speakers. Then a few years back, several manufacturers developed the column speakers into what we called Steerable Arrays, integrating Digital Signal Processing and Amplification into the Column Speakers, thus enabling vertical “steering” of the sound.

Now Turbosound has taken the concept further, with the introduction of the iNSPIRE series of Sound Reinforcement Speakers. Yes you heard it right, Sound Reinforcement, not Public Address. The top range iP2000 has 1000 watts of power, with a truly full range frequency response of 38Hz to 20kHz. It is an integrated line array column plus subwoofer combi active system with almost everything built in, designed to be used in true sound reinforcement applications such as small to medium sized performance venues, houses of worship, boardroom presentations, nightclubs, and much more.

 The Build

Let’s look at the physical design of the iP2000 first. It is a truly compact speaker system made for portability and space saving. The columns or rather line array units consist of 2 all-aluminum column units which are very slim and tall, each measuring 834 x 103 x 89 mm. While the birch-ply subwoofer which is the base on which the line array sits on, measures only 485 x 420 x 500 mm.



This gives the iP2000 a very small footprint, and it does not need any stands or brackets for the typical floor-standing application. With the 2 line arrays stack on top of each other and mounted on the subwoofer, the total height is 2063mm.

Net weight of the whole module is just 30.9kg, and because it is 3 separate pieces, it becomes a truly portable system. The subwoofer has handles, while the line arrays can be stored and carried in an optional shoulder carry bag

Internal Organs

Now for a look inside. The line array modules have multiple drivers in them. The upper column houses 8 x 2.75” MF neodymium drivers and 1 x 1” horn-loaded HF neodymium super-tweeter, while lower column has 8 x 2.75” MF neodymium drivers. The subwoofer cabinet is driven by a 12” high excursion LF driver, and it also houses the 3 channel Class-D amplifier and DSP control module and everything else. In total, the whole module consists of 18 speaker drivers.

The whole module operates as a 3 channel, 4-way speaker system (LF, MF, MF and HF). All connections between the speaker cabinets are hidden in the mounting points, so there are no exposed cables and connectors except for power and signal sources. At the top of the subwoofer is the line array base mounting point and the control interface. At the rear are the power switch, sockets for power, 2 jack/XLR signal inputs and 2 XLR link outputs for connecting to other iP2000 modules.


 As a total system, the 3 channel 1000 watt amplifier driving the 18 drivers churns out a full range 38Hz to 20kHz sound at a maximum SPL of 123dB, with a wide horizontal dispersion of 120⁰, making the iP2000 perform as a true sound reinforcement system. Forget about the limited frequency range and limited SPL of traditional column speakers. This is a true small format line array system capable of sounding loud and clear enough small live gigs, clubs and corporate events.

The Brain

Now we look into the brain of the iP2000. The simple and intuitive user interface consists of a single rotary push-encoder with Process, Setup, Exit and Enter function buttons. From here the user can access all the controls and functions to setup the iP2000. All the DSP functions can be accessed, like the Digital mixer and its parameters, the 3 band EQ and the presets.


The iP2000 employs Klark Teknik’s Digital Sound Processing Technologies. The 24-bit processor analyses the incoming signal and applies specific filters to improve the sound quality. It controls the EQ, crossover, compressor/limiter, the 3 amplifier channels and other settings. The DSP also contains presets for application type and speaker positioning, giving the optimum setup for the user’s intended application.

The iP2000 uses Klark Teknik’s Spatial Sound Technology to create 3D acoustic environments by taking advantage of the arrival-time differential between sound waves reaching the left and right ears. This creates a sound that is perceived bigger than what one would expect from such a compact speaker system.

The 3-channel digital mixer is also controlled via the user interface, 2 channels being the 2 physical jack/XLR inputs on the back panel, while the 3rd channel is the wireless Bluetooth streaming input. You can stream stereo music from any Bluetooth-equipped iOS device such as iPad or iPhone directly to the iP2000. This does away the need for any traditional source player like a CD player. The digital mixer also features gain setting recall for further ease of use and quick setup.

Remote Control

And because the iP2000 already has Bluetooth technology, all the controls and function can be remote-controlled from any Bluetooth-equipped iOS device. All that is needed is to download the free dedicated apps from the Turbosound website, and you can control the iP2000 from anywhere in the venue within range. So basically, with this app, it is like having a portable Front of House in your pocket, and be in the audience section and be able to hear and control the sound that the audience hears.


One extra plus point of the iP2000 is the whole look of the speaker itself. With a small footprint, and its tall slim array, the look will definitely appeal to most interior designers who usually dislike large boxy speaker cabinets that disrupt the overall feel and look of their interior designs. This speaker will be a favorite among the interior designers and owners of venues because the speakers can easily be blended in into the surroundings.

The iP2000, compact, light, portable, modular, versatile, full range sound, powerful, with a mixer, DSPs and amplifiers built in, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity and remote control. All these features combined make the iP2000 a true Sound Reinforcement System by itself, taking the concept of column and line array speakers to a new level. And at a price of just RM5,692,00 per unit, the iP2000 comes across as great value for money. You could carry a pair of modules in a car and still have some space (and budget!) for other equipment. Big, clear sound in a compact, light package, at an affordable price. This is what the iP2000 is.

Besides the iP2000, the iNSPIRE line array series also includes another smaller model, the iP1000 (1000w, 8 x 2.75” drivers, 1 x 1” super tweeter, 2 x 8” subwoofers, RM4,271.00 per unit). A smaller iP500 is on the way (600w, 6 x 2” drivers, 8” subwoofer) but price is not available yet.



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