SUKMA Sarawak 2016 featuring Audiocentre Sound

Audiocenter: The Sound System for SUKMA Sarawak 2016
The biennial Malaysia sporting event Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA) officially opened on the 23rd of July 2016 in the largest state of Malaysia, Sarawak. The 40,000 pax stadium was filled to the brim with spectators from all around Malaysia to witness this auspicious ceremony and performances by more than 3000 entertainers, dancers and artistes.

An event of this magnitude requires perfectly synchronized performance from all audio, visual, lighting and effects equipment. The event organizer employed projection mapping, pyro effects, fireworks, smoke effects, LED lightings, moving head lightings and high quality audio to execute the masterpiece of audio visual experience. 96 cabinets of Audiocenter VHLA-12 MKII that were permanently installed at the stadium delivered an exceptional job delivering the experience to all spectators in the stadium regardless of where they were sitting at. The line arrays were installed uniformly all around the stadium in 16 clusters of 6 cabinets per cluster. 8 clusters were directed at the main audience areas, 4 clusters at the side audience areas, and 4 clusters at the field for the participants. The line arrays were powered bi-amp by 16 units of 2 x 380W DA-2.2 for HF and 16 units of 2 x 1200W DA-12.2 for MF. Speaker processing was via 16 units of Proel PC-260, while mixing was via the Midas Pro9 and Behringer X32.

Before the official show began, band performances started the day to keep the spectators engaged. A few notable artistes were present to deliver mesmerizing performances, such as Sarawak-born Bob Yusof and violinist Nisa Addina Mohd Taufik. The official theme song of SUKMA 2016 was “Semangat Dalam Satu Suara”, its highly spirited lyrics was faithfully broadcasted by the artistes through the Audiocenter VHLA-12 MKII.


The alluring audio visual show started with a video projection mapping on the entire field accompanied by audio effects in order to build the atmosphere. 15 contingents from 14 states of Malaysia and Brunei then marched around the stadium. There were 40,000 spectators cheering for their favorite teams. The crowd’s SPL level of noise was the main consideration during system design and the Audiocenter line arrays handled it with ease. The fully calibrated Audiocenter system was able to perform 90 dB of SPL with /- 3 dB variance and 10 dB extra headroom.

It was measured and verified that the system is able to pump SPL up to 108 dB uniformly. Minor echo due to emptiness of the venue that was present during the calibration session was totally absent during the ceremony due to the packed stadium and every frequency and note from the system was heard crystal clear. Announcement of the state names, Chef De Mission’s names and total number of athletes were made loud and crisp through the Audiocenter speakers.

More than 3000 students from various schools in Kuching participated in the on-field performance. Various traditional dances, human artworks, marching bands and musical performances were choreographed breathtakingly. The colorful SUKMA closed the night with its climax which was a 5-minute musical fireworks display. The mesmerizing audio, visual, lights, smoke and effects within the stadium were in sync with the spectacular fireworks display that lit up the skyline of Petra Jaya, Kuching. Every segment of the event was an overwhelming sensory stimulation with Audiocenter doing an outstanding job to elevate it further to anew height with its high performance audio quality. Most importantly, the system ran perfectly without any hiccups. This was indeed one of the best SUKMA opening ceremonies ever held. With the smile and joy of the dispersing audiences, the on-site Audiocenter team and its Malaysia’s distributor, AVEM team knew that they had delivered an outstanding audio engineering solution to Stadium Sarawak.

The event kicked off with a magnificent welcoming ceremony for the guest of honors, Sarawak Governer Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud and his consort Toh Puan Ragad Kurdi Taib, Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem and Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

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