Sound System For A Mosque

Curious to see how a mosque sets up its sound system?

This infographic should help.


Distributed sound system

Mono system is required

Mixer for microphones and source player inputs

Signal processors

Feedback eliminator is important

Optional – equalizer, compressor


High impedance 70/100 volt system preferred

Due to large number of speakers used

1 amplifier for each set of speakers

Source player (MP3, CD, Tape, PC)



Use nearfield microphones

Hypercardioid / Supercardioid Microphones

Wireless to allow freedom of movement

Headworn is preferred - nearest to mouth

Others – tie-clip, gooseneck

Minimize pickup of ambient sound

Minimize feedback





For main hall & larger outdoor corridor

Mounted vertically on wall above head level

Narrow vertical directivity

Reduce reflections from floor & Ceiling

Reduce echo

Wide horizontal directivity

Cover wide area

Long throw

cover large area

[picture of column speaker]




For narrow outdoor corridors and women’s area

Wall mounted above head level, tilted down

Smaller power, 2 way is sufficient

Wide horizontal directivity

Cover wide area

Medium throw

Small box enclosure

[picture of box speaker]




Mounted at top of minaret tower

High power

High Sound Pressure Level

Horn design for ultra long throw

Weather proof materials and construction


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