Q1. How can I buy products on Audiovisual.my?
Just click on the Buy Now button on the products and one of our trusty Sales Staff will get back to you via email or phone.
Q2. Can I buy products online and pay by credit card?
At the moment we do not have an online payment facility but we are working on adding one in the near future. Just stay in touch with us via our Facebook at @audiovisualmy and we will definitely let you know when this is available. At the moment, you can just submit your interest to purchase via the Buy Now button and one of our Sales Staff will contact you on how to purchase the item of your interest.
Q3. Where is Audiovisual.my based?
We are based in Selangor, Malaysia.
Q4. How do you have so many audio visual products on sale?
We are working with a network of retailers and distributors of the listed brands and products to bring all their products to you. We aim to be the one stop center for all professional audio visual equipment and products in Malaysia.
Q5. How are products delivered to me?
Depending on the size of the products and what you are intending to purchase, transportation may be needed if the said items cannot be delivered via courier. We will work with you in choosing the best mode of transportation to your location of choice and quote this all separately for you.
Q5. Do you have a showroom to visit?
No unfortunately we do not have a showroom.